Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Bloody Williamson Firepower Returns

Two keys pieces of the firepower used during the days of Bloody Williamson have returned to Southern Illinois for the first time in more than 80 years.

S. Glenn Young was famous for his Thompson machine gun, his World War I era rifle, and his pearl handed revolvers. As head spokesman and gunman for the Ku Klux Klan in this area from 1923 to January 1925, Young ranks was one of the leading figures of that violent era.

Two of his weapons were recently bought from his daughter and grandson, the latter I had the opportunity to meet in June. Look for an announcement or two in the next few weeks as to what museum will take them on display.

I know the answer of course, but it's not my place to make the announcement. The revolver was last fired on the night Young was killed.


Christina Wichmann said...

I just came across this post. I couldn't find any information on the museum that acquired Young's revolvers. Was it the old Franklin County Jail Museum?

Bill Tolliver said...

Mr. Young's Thompson gun, his rifle, and his pistol are in the Franklin County Museum, as well as at least one Thompson belonging to Charlie Birger. It should be noted that Young's .45 is not a revolver but is the Colt 1911 military semi-automatic pistol.