Friday, February 19, 2010

New Charlie Birger Video

Just came across this video of "Charlie Birger Time" on YouTube. The song is apparently by a group called the "Copyrights". The video below is just some other guy.

Somehow I think it would it still please his Birger's ego to know people were still singing about him more than 80 years after his death in 1928.

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Laurel said...

Mr. Jon Musgrave,
Just want to thank you for sharing your research. I 'fell through the looking glass' googling, until I stumbled on the Crenshaw House and many of the links that brought me to your blog. Fascinating! Although I reside in California now, I grew up in northwest Illinois and had no idea the 'skeleton's in our closet' I hope the state gets the funding needed to reopen an important part of all of our history. Seems as if this project would be perfect for federal funds available from the Obama administration Stimulus Package-- did anyone check that resource?