Thursday, October 27, 2005

They're Here!

Finally, after months of delay, the hardcover edition of Slaves, Salt, Sex & Mr. Crenshaw: The Real Story of the Old Slave House and America's Reverse Underground R.R. has arrived back from the printers.

The delay wasn't the printer's fault, but rather mine, as it's been a tough year to focus on my writing due to a number of setbacks and false starts.

Still, if you are interested in what really happened at the Old Slave House and the nearby saltworks, the intersection of dirty politics and the organized crime of the "ancient colony of horse-thieves, counterfeiters and robbers", you will definitely enjoy the book.

The hardcover is an expanded and revised edition with 96 more pages making it a total of 608 pages. Part of the added page count is due to a slightly larger font and margins designed to make the book easier to read for more folks, but I've also added new information and tweaked just about every chapter in the book as well as add new back matter. There's also numerous additional photographs which now total more than 65 inside the book.

You can either order online or by mail.

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